SIMONE has grown up and involved in the family Hotel Business for more than 10 years. He covered all the positions and worked as a waiter, barman and receptionist, dealing with the reservation office and the concierge department.

In that period he has learned all the aspects of the hotel management and as a natural end of this job path, he covered the position of General Manager for 2 years during the 2015/2016.

After his Degree in Economic and working as a chartered accountant for over 10 years with his own firm, he decided to combine the skills acquired in the hospitality and financial fields.

He is now able to offer this knowledge to who is looking for someone that is not only able to manage the reservation department but who is also able to understand the numbers and statistics.

Their interpretation provides to the owner a useful tool to improve the performance of the business.






SARA has worked as a marketing manager for 12 years in different fields such as fashion and events and she’s actually applying her skills to the hospitality business.

During her career as Marketing Manager of Superdry Italy and 69SLAM Bali,  she’s developed her digital marketing skills improving the retail sale of the stores throughout social media actions, newsletters, promotions, events, contest etc. 

Thanks to her strong attention to the details, learned in her previous position as events organizer for big brands as Coca-Cola, Nivea, Ducati Motor and FIAT, she is now able to mix offline and online marketing successfully.

The analytic mind acquired with her Degree in Economics helps her to understand better the data & stats of each project, delivering effective strategies in line with the audiences and the client's features.