N O V A 

Work smarter...not harder!


What would be the feeling to be free to do what you like most and be plenty of time to dedicate to your family, your hobbies or your dreams?


NOVA is a method of managing villas and small resort exclusively focused on holiday rentals. 


Unlike our competitors that show your property on their website among tens other choices for the travellers, we work on your own website and online presence.


You'll join a team of professional reservations and digital marketing specialists that will help you to improve your own brand identity and increase your occupancy and your direct reservations up to the 30%.


1.  Meet our team on your site to keep an eye at details and features of your property

2. Your property will be set in the right market position to attract the right target

3. Your online presence will be taken to the next level with new contents and perfect social medias

4. All your inquiries will find an expert ready to answer, leaving you plenty of time

5. Your guests will benefit the maximum support before, during and after their stay

6. Collect all the data acquired in an easy and simple to read monthly report


When you work with us you join a team of experts that continuously improve and update their skills to offer you and your business the best and newest tools possible on the market.

Focused on the maximum return from your investment you will be finally able to reach the right target and the right online position for your property.



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