Are you tired of depending on Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb and agents? Why keep paying every month a big amount of commissions to the OTAs? Wouldn’t you prefer to keep that money in your pocket? Let’s increase your revenue with more direct bookings!


A good mix of reservations and digital marketing management can increase the occupancy and boost your direct bookings UP TO A 30%.


Our proposal is to include both reservations and digital marketing management.

According to the last hospitality trends and based on our experiences, a good promotional strategy, social media and digital marketing actions, and a relevant online brand reputation can increase the visibility of your property and contacts for direct reservations.

A skilled and well-experienced reservation manager will convert all these contacts into final bookings.


We tailor the strategy to clients’ particular features, study the right target profile and develop a bespoke strategy to attract more customers, giving you increased revenue streams quickly and effectively.



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