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Ask to an IT company or doing by yourself?

Whatever you choose, when you are building your website or you are planning just an updating, there are some features that your website must absolutely have.

When you’re looking for a hotel, a resort, or a villa, what is the first thing you check? You check on the map the location. And you decide which hotels are the best by looking for those with spectacular accommodations and location, favourable reviews and reasonable rates.

The user experience (UX) has a huge impact on the final decision to choose this or that hotel, this or that villa, and moreover the simplicity and usability determine the possibility to attract the guest to make a direct reservation when is navigating your website.

And here's then what not to miss on your website to get these results:

  • Portray your hotel in its best light. Prospective visitors want to know what their accommodations will look like beforehand, so it is important to provide a list of everything your hotel, resort or villa has to offer and display large, inviting and professional pictures of the location, the rooms and the amenities, such as the in-house restaurant, gym, spa and pool.

  • Show the exact area and nearby points of interest. If you have a beachfront hotel or villa advertising easy access to pristine beaches, you should have pictures on your website showing that your hotel is a stone’s throw from gorgeous beaches. If you’re a hotel downtown, you should provide maps portraying your hotel’s close proximity to sightseeing landmarks, convention centers, and other tourist attractions. Anyway it’s always better to give some tips about the attraction and the facilities that the guest can find around your location.

  • Provide reviews from third-party sources. Website visitors want proof that your hotel is actually one of the best around. Posting independent reviews from site like TripAdvisor, awards your hotel has received, etc., will give your hotel an instant credibility boost.

  • Make it easy to view prices, room availability, special packages and booking options. This is the crucial part of your website. You were able to attract the visitors showing them beautiful pictures and giving them all the necessary information they need to choose your location. Now it should be as easy as possible to finalize their reservation. And to allow it, your website cannot miss the Booking Engine.

Still no idea for your website? Contact us now for a talk, we use the best tools for holiday villas website. You'll have a beautiful one for your villa in a very short time and it's also cheap!

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