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Today we would like to explain to you what is a Booking Engine, why is so important and how to choose it.

We still meet a lot of hotels, resorts and why not, villas, that don’t use this important tool. But in the web and OTA’s era, you can’t manage your business properly without it.

A booking engine is a software that allows to the consumers that link to your website to check the availability of your rooms or villa in real time and eventually book directly their holiday.

What are the most benefits for the consumer?

  1. Immediacy: a website without booking engine force the user to send you an email and wait for the answer or contact you by phone. These more steps involve more energy and are a waste of time for both the customer and the owner and his Staff. And moreover, they discourage the potential guest to book! You will lose the booking in the 99% of the cases! The booking engine avoids all these problems and makes it easier for the potential guest makes his reservation.

  2. Security: the hotels and resorts without booking engine usually ask for the credit card details by email but guests don’t like. They want a safe and encrypted way just like the one that the booking engine uses.

  3. Best rate: the booking engine on your website can show to the potential guests always the best and updated rates for their holidays.

What are the most benefits for the hotels?

  1. Less work, more time: the user that meet the booking engine on your website will avoid to send you emails or call you and the booking process becomes faster and easier.

  2. Bookings increasing: the best feature of a booking engine is to increase the conversation and so the sales.

Main features of the booking engine.

  1. Easy, intuitive, fast and stable: the perfect booking engine must have clear screens, few steps, fast upload for the best user surfing and stable server. The booking engine must be technically perfect and user friendly.

  2. With a simple and performing back-office: the control panel must be a complete tool, easy to use for the owner or his Staff. Better if it can provide statistic data.

  3. No more over-booking with the Channel Manager: Channel Manager is another useful feature, especially for medium / large hotels, but also for villas, which allows you to easily update the booking engine control panel both on hotel website and on various tourist portals such as Expedia, Reservations, Venus, Last Minute, etc.

At Smart-Keys we use one of the best booking engines and provide it to our clients for free. No more money and no more time to spend on it. We do everything for you!

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