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Recent reports and forecasts show that the tourism market is in a positive trends with the strongest demand for international travels in the first half of 2017 since the 2010.

Now as never is the time to start to create your loyal following guests and start to increase your direct bookings.

Who remember what happened during the 2 deep crises that struck the economy during the 2002 (after the 9/11) and the 2008 (the Global Financial Crisis)? Or what happen in the 2006 with the Chinese crisis? The answer could be simple but if we look deep into the tourism sector we can see two big different behavior from the 2 biggest segments of this market: from one side the OTA’s started to duplicate if not triplicate their budgets for the marketing; on the other hands, boutique hotels or hotels chain started to cut their with a consequence loss of market segments and with a big loss in terms of work places.

That’s why most of the reservations, in this moment, for hotels, resorts and villas as well, come from OTA’s. They putted a lot of effort to ensure them the biggest part of the market and built a system that allows them to have more than the 70% of the reservations through their website. And this percentage is getting higher in the next years.

What we can do to contrast this effect? What hotels, resorts and villas can do to change this trend that cost them a lot of revenue in term of commissions? The answer, also in this case, it’s really simple: learn and do what the OTA’s do. If OTA’s do, you can do also by yourself with a big save in terms of commissions.

If you are thinking that for this you need to put again your hands in your pocket start asking yourself what if you take 3 or 4 direct reservations…it’s totally inexpensive! Let us help you to build your future and start now to disintermediate from OTA’s.

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