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When you are struggling about how increase your reservations and the direct ones, what do you think are the OTA's doing?

They’re spending millions and millions of dollars in marketing!

They’re putting a lot of money in social media campaigns, adwords, newsletters and improving their systems every day to attract more and more clients.

And do you know that you can do the same? But this time only for your business.

Now you’re probably wondering how much can cost to you all this marketing or maybe you’re thinking that you don’t have the tools to replicate their systems. In both cases you are wrong. In this moment hotels, resorts, villas have the access to infinite tools that allow them to replicate the same marketing of the OTA's. And this tools and your marketing can be completely inexpensive. 3 or 4 more direct bookings can cover the total costs for the marketing. 3D parties as, Agoda or Airbnb control the 70% of hospitality business with 15% to 22% commissions. If you are able to recover even a few direct bookings you can save a lot of money, cover your marketing expenses and get more profits.

Moreover, direct reservations allow you to have a different path with your clients and make them loyal customers that can return at your place many times and also invite their relatives and friends to do the same.

A good mix and collaboration between a booking manager and a marketing manager can provide the right strategy for your sales. The booking manager can know when it’s time to do some offers or increase the prices, he studies the market and your competitors and shares all these information with the marketing manager.

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