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Always asking if paying for a professional photographer for your property could be a good investment?

Good vacation rental pictures can double your bookings and give you the maximum exposure.

Owners and managers usually leave this as the final step and don’t pay the right attention to this aspect. But if you only think that the 65% of us are visual learners (source you can imagine what impact could have the right pictures to your selling strategy.

The right photoshooting of your property can tell travellers what they should expect from their journey and gives them the perception to imagine their experience allowing you to increase your selling.

We always recommend to our clients to invest in professional photographer and we can assure you that our data show that the year after your bookings always increase. We are definitely confident on this.

Your property images are the key to attract the travellers and the reason why they choose to become your guests. Through your pictures they can imagine how they can feel if they choose to spend their holiday in your property.

The decisional process of the travellers is always the same: see, feel and choose. And all starts from what they see!

It’s a good decision to mix the right numbers of pictures that merely show your property with some that show to the travellers a moments, a situation that they can imagine to live and these shots will be the key to make them say “I want to spend my holiday there”.


When you take pictures of your property always asking to yourself what you will expect if you are the traveller. It’s important to shoot not only the property but also make some foreground and details. They adds color and form and allow to guests to feel the style of your property.

Staging your property when you shoot it. Staging is imagination! You should be able to create a scene that looks as if someone just stepped away and will be back shortly.

Include in your photoshothing pictures of local shops, events, sightseeing. People that come to your location are looking for this and then chose your holiday as a home for their travel.

There’s not the right number of pictures to take but is always recommended to shot at least 2 images for each space, 1 for small bathrooms and at least 1 or 2 details or foreground.

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