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DO YOU STILL THINK IF YOU NEED MARKETING? Here 2 scenarios that will blow your mind


You’re more than far from the right thing to do for your business if you don't consider marketing so important and let's explain why.

Let say there are two possible scenarios for the products/services you're offering:

1. you sell a product/service that is set on a competitive market

2. you sell a product/service new and “unique”

If you have a product/service that you're selling in a competitive market, you're offering to your possible customers just another option. This is the situation of the 99% of businesses.

Every product/service that you have in mind has already more than one seller.

So you arrive with your offer in a market that already has similar offers, sometimes even the same, in terms of quality, features, price and maybe also distribution.

What is the key to attract a potential customer to your offer instead to one of your competitors?

Only the marketing!

Only the marketing can allow you to create the feeling that your product/service is different and special.

The goal is to “eliminate” the competition and be unique. But this is something you cannot do just only telling your customers how is made your product or how much good is your service. To attract more customers you need to enter in their minds and to do this you also need to be simple.

Most of our clients doesn’t have the time and sometimes neither the competence to choose a product/service basing their choice only on an objective basis. The customer chooses simplifying and if the simplification leads him to say that all the products/services that he is considering are all the same, he will finally choose the one that costs less.

Marketing allows you to highlight your product/service and be chosen from those customers that are convinced that you have the right product/service for them.

If your product/service is new and “unique” (very difficult but possible) how do you sell it?

People don’t like the confusion and are reticent to change their mind. A new product does just this to your potential costumers. You can't sell it just saying: “This is the new product X and does this thing in this new way.”

People don’t adapt easily to the new.

Also, you're asking money for your new product and also in this case you'll face a fight from your customers that have to decide to leave one product/service that they know very well for a new one.

How do you win this battle?

With marketing!

Only with marketing you can put your new and “unique” product in your potential customers’ mind.

Now maybe you're thinking you have a small business and you don’t need or you can’t afford the investments that you need for the marketing. Also in this case you're wrong.

Nowadays there are a lot of marketing tools that can help you to highlight your business and attract more and more customers.

Contact us for a free visit or check-out our services. We'll more than happy to show you what we can do together for your business.

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